I had the Narco crew at Firestone and later a Major Violator crew..........Hoffenberg had special permission from the Sheriff to work with a Narco crew regarding a book he was writing. So they gave him to me when my crew was working out of Lennox. He stayed with us for over a month, day and night. and did use words for the crew that the guys would recognize...........since I was the Sgt. he didn't use anything to make me recognizable due to the character of the fictional Sgt. He had the crew and wives up to his house in the hills of Hollywood for dinner when the book was published, Gave us all an autographed first edition.......He also worked with our Homicide for a long time too.... Was really a nice guy..........took a lot from his real experience with us and our war stories of the past and used them in his book. He wrote one other book after The Desperate Adversaries and sent me a copy plus some nice letters and such. He died shortly thereafter........The D. A. book was the only police book he ever wrote. He was famous for romance novels. Would never sell rights to Movie Studios............Boberg