DRAGON'S GHOST: In a strange motel room, on the night before his wedding, retired Detective Sergeant Chad Belmontes wakens to a living nightmare.  On the bed beside him is the body of a strangled hooker, and everything points to him as her killer.  With no memory of how he got there, or of whom the dead woman is, he flees the grisly scene determined to find out what really happened.  To learn the answer he must, without a badge to open doors for him, begin his own desperate search for the truth.  And he must find it before the police arrest him for murder.  


With the help of his fiancée, Cassie Wong, Belmontes turns up several leads that suggest someone has tried to frame him. But the closer he comes to discovering the identity of the person responsible, the more incredible his situation becomes.  For every clue points to a man that he knows is irrefutably dead.  A Chinese crime boss, gunned down in a Chinatown alley—and Belmontes pulled the trigger.  (ISBN: 1-4137-5656-5