Just going through the website and notice stories about hospitals.   Rudy Morales and I were working 12 PM's in '67.  We responded to a call that a man was a subject of a beating.  Went to the house and the guy was a mess.  No 901 response so we put him in the radiocar and went to Bon-Air Hospital.  We requested LAPD to 10-87 as the victim said it was over a card game in the city.  LAPD responded and when they went to talk to him he told them "I ain't saying s*** to you guys".  So, being LAPD, they left. 


The doctors said to take him home and have his family monitor him.  We put him back in the radio car and started heading back.  We were E/B on Manchester and at Central the guy started projectile vomiting blood.  The back windows, back seat, and me, were covered in blood.


Rudy did a power "U" in the intersection hit the lights and siren and started back to the hospital.  In doing so he forced a car (Capt Dargan and Lt Torbett) onto the sidewalk. 

We took him back to the hospital and he was later pronounced dead.  His chest had been severely crushed from being kicked.


Anyway, Rudy and I get a 10-19 ASAP.  Torbett wanted to know why I was driving recklessly.  Rudy tolkd him that he was driving.  Torbett said "Morales, everyone knows you don't wear your helmet and so I know it was Penny who was driving, and by the way, what did you  (Penny) do to the guy to get all that blood on you?"   When we showed him our log he just said, "Hmmmpnh" and walked away.  Fortunately, Lanzini came to my rescue.


We never went to that hospital again.