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This is an excerpt from a memo I wrote to Capt Arruda at the request of Lt Meenk.  It involved my refusal to issue an EAP to Bon-Air Hospital.

 On 6-6-64, Dep. G. Brown and I were working 11A pm and assisting 15 em (Travis & Lanzini) with what at that time was a 217.  At Doug's request our assistance centered mainly around the victim, Ruth Owens FN/23, a gun shot victim.  When Millers Ambulance arrived, the attendant made a quick examination to determine the extent of the victim's injuries.  I obs'd. a small hole in her right side and another hole in her left side approx. 1-1/2" in diameter with a portion of intestine protruding.  When I commented on how little bleeding there was, the attendant pointed to her "potbellied" look and explained that this indicated extensive internal bleeding.  The victim was then transported to Bon-Air hospital.  At Bon-Air we advised a hospital attendant that we had a gunshot victim and he in turn advised the doctor on duty, Dr. Sokolov.  The victim was rolled in and Dr. Sokolov told the ambulance attendants to leave her on the gurney.  He took one quick look and in almost one motion told the attendants to get her out of there and to L.A.G.H. The ambulance attendant tried to argue with the doctor insisting that no matter how hopeless her condition was at least an "I.V." solution should be started.  I also questioned the doctor and then asked him to get authorization from L.A.G.H., to which he responded that the lines were tied up and he didn't have the time.  Since it was obvious that the victim was in desperate need of medical aid and she wasn't going to get it at Bon-Air, I advised the ambulance driver to start for L.A.G.H. and that I would go with him and get the authorization myself.  As I was leaving I was asked by the hospital attendant if I was going to issue an EAP slip.  I responded no.  I hadn't taken three steps when I was accosted by the doctor insisting that an EAP be issued.  I again responded no, adding that he didn't do anything to earn one.  He followed Deputy Brown and I to the radio car arguing all the way when I finally in frustration told him to go to hell while referring to his mother's marital status at the time of his birth.  At L.A.G.H. several doctors worked on the victim.  However, their collective opinion was that there was little hope of recovery partly due to her extensive internal bleeding and the time interval to treatment.  She was pronounced dead at 12:55 am 6-7-64 by an L.A.G.H. staff physician.  When we got back to the station I was called to the watch commander's office.  Lt Meenk told me the doctor had called and registered a citizenís complaint against me, not only for not issuing the EAP but for calling him an S.O.B.  Lt Meenk said he advised the doctor that he would look in the situation and would take the proper action.  Lt Meenk admonished me for my use of profanity and told me that in his opinion the good doctor was an asshole and not a son-of-a-bitch.  At that point he told me to get the hell out of his office and write the memo to Capt. Arruda.  Needless to say, if there was an option, I never again used Bon-Air Hospital.