BY VIC KRETSINGER




All of us have stories about funny things that happened to others and us at FPK.

We also have stories about some Goofs. i.e., Burris Suttons short test count

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. All good Deputies go to Heaven".

Followed by "Firestone 11 TEN-21 the Admin. Sgt". Or the "RED WIG" caper.

    Well one BUSY evening dispatching I put out a call. "Firestone 15 handle

15A assist, 245 shots fired, 901s Schaefers. At the "Diggidy Dog 1200 Imperial".

15 acked and went TEN-97 within one minute. About thirty seconds after going 97.

15 was back on the air. "15 what's the eta of my ambulance?" 

    Well we've all been there. Crews ask a question that if they thought a few

seconds wouldn't have asked the question in the first place. Remember "situation awareness,"

and factoring in time. Plus dispatching over 100 calls during your 8 hours dispatching,

your kind of short fused.

    So with baited breath I waited for Station "B" (now called SRC) to call for an

ETA. When the phone rang I picked it up and spoke freely to them," 

$^&(*((^%*&%$&%$#@%$ ", after all Station "B" normally cleaned up our

act and kept us out of trouble.

    Station "B" put out a DIRECT quote. "15 your desk advises, put your fingers

 in the bullet holes, the ambulance will be there momentarily."

    When I heard my quote, and picked myself off the floor, I reached for the long

form memo. I knew my body was "going directly to jail, not passing Go, and not collecting

$200.00," and waiting for the DREADED call "Kretsinger report to the Watch Commanders


    GOD was on my side that night. The hammer never fell. NO-ONE ever talked to me about

this little goof.

    Talk about skating.