Keeping an eye on me

                                                Dr. O’Reardon

                                               By Kimball Brown


I was working 17 PM and I don't remember who my partner 
was.........maybe Bob Barnes or Wiley Newman? Anyway, we got in a pursuit 
of a Chivvie with two gunsels up in Keystone/Tortilla Flats around  
Figueroa St. Dashing Deputy Brown, book man, leaned out the window 
to take a shot at the fleeing vehicle's tire and immediately jerked 
his head back in the car with amazing pain in one eye. Alert partner 
cancelled the pursuit and we were code three to St. Francis.
I still remember how Dr. O'Reardon gently but firmly got my eye open 
and said I had a chunk of something in my eye. (Duh!). He then said, "I'll 
have to take it out with a needle". I then reminded Dr. O'Reardon that I was 
armed and dangerous. He replied that in my present state I probably would 
miss with all six shots, even in a small room. He applied a topical anesthetic 
and removed a splinter of copper. No desk time.........back to work within 
a couple or three days. God bless him.