BY R. GILL


I was dispatching on swing shift one eve, when the friggen switchboard lit up after we had a sonic boom, after answering calls for 5 mins, A lady calls & asked “What was that?” I replied, “Talk fast lady were evacuating & hung up...lol.” It wasn’t minutes later when Lt. Meenk came charging down the hall requesting a memo from the entire front desk. So I had to fess up. Eventually I got my ass chewed from the famous Iron fist Bailey. Let me tell you never had our ass chewed until Lt Bailey got a hold if ya.........lol


Needless to say that mistake was never made again...lol.........I recall that the  first thing Lt. Bailey would say to you was “Let me  piss on our leg so at least you’ll smell like a cop.”


I learned to love the man . Ya hated the man  & luv'd him at the same time , Cause he was usually right.lol ..................Dick