Jack Boberg - FPK 1956
John Spiller - FPK 1956
Gar Austin 10L is 10-8
               Harry (918V) Penny - FPK 1967
The deceased is Joe Horn, he and two others were in the process of a 459 at the Thrifty Drug. This is the incident where, during the Watts Riot, Jack Innes and Paul Wilson were shot.  I was the Deputy standing between the two of them, and I was lucky as a shot went through my pants at the knee but didn't hit my leg. The fourth Deputy in our car was Brian Keenan.

    FPK Early 60's shift change
   Jim Hardman & Joe Passarelli               Preparing to go 10-8
Ralph Wyatt - FPK 10-C          1954-1957
               Mike (Opie) Devereaux - FPK 1968